Google Data Studio Template 1: Traffic Overview - Google Analytics

Google Data Studio Template 1: Traffic Overview - Google Analytics

This Google Data Studio Template visualizes Traffic Overview from Google Analytics. Page 1 of the report contains Traffic Overview which is ready to use with your own data source. Page 2 contains calculated fields in two of its charts i) Sessions by business region ii) Events/Session scorecard
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Page 1: Shows a ready to use KPI snapshot from Google Analytics. You can make a copy of this report and visualize your own Google Analytics data.

Page 2: This page is also a KPI Snapshot but additionally contains customizations. Some charts on this page may not work with your data source because they use calculated fields. They have been included to demonstrate what Calculated fields can do. Below are the charts that use calculated fields:

  • Chart name: Sessions by Business Region
    This pie chart uses CASE statements to show business region instead of country names. For example, USA, Canada and Mexico are clubbed together and shown as North America.
  • Score card: Events/Session
    Events/Session uses simple Math to apply the formula Events per Session = Total Events/Sessions. can customize a report for you using Calculated fields (simple Math, Aggregation, CASE statements, REGEX_MATCH), Analytical functions, filters, segments, pivot tables, branding elements etc.

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